EWGA Canada Membership and Guest Applications

If you are renewing your membership please LOGIN before continuing to ensure that your existing profile is used. This will prevent duplication in our data base. If you don't know your login and password, go up to the Contact Us button to request assistance. The annual renewal fee is $115.00 but if your membership expires, you can rejoin as a new member but use the same login profile.

If you are joining EWGA as a new member, your payment and application will be submitted by clicking the following button.  You will be notified by e-mail once your application has been processed. Your membership number will be sent to you within a week. Our annual membership fee is $130.00 for the first year.

GUESTS: Please note as a guest, you are invited to play in any two events except for Chapter Championship or as otherwise noted on the event form. Please complete your guest application by clicking on the following button, then you can register for an event. Please note that your guest membership will be activated for 4 months only, from the day you register. Please Indicate under REMARKS what chapter you wish to play with?

NOTE: If you have been a member within the last 5 years, you have already experienced what EWGA has to offer, so we ask that you renew your membership. Otherwise your guest application will be denied.

If you have any question about membership, please contact our Membership Director at memberservices@ewga.ca.

Refund Policy
Because of licensing and administration processes, we regret we are unable to refund any membership fees for any reason.